About Us


Jolly Gems established in 1985 in INDIA and since then has marked many golden milestones at global level in the trade of gems and jewelry. Today JOLLY GEMS International is one of the biggest suppliers of precious & semi-precious stones with its sales offices in Hong Kong & Japan and suppliers from China and India. The product line of the company is huge and includes all major precious & semi precious stones like Opal, Topaz, Amethyst, Tourmaline, Garnet, Citrine and large variety of other precious , semi-precious stones and beads. JOLLY GEMS (H.K) is capable of supplying stones in all shapes, sizes and cuts in any quantities. JOLLY GEMS (H.K) is the super mart of gemstones for all your gemstone needs.

Our strength is sourcing the raw material direct from mines, cutting and polishing them with a work force of over 2000 people, which enables us to satisfy all our customer needs in the best possible manner. The complete process of sourcing, producing and marketing is done by the company itself, which helps in providing excellent service and quality to the customers.

JOLLY GEMS (H.K) one of the market leader for all stones is capable of supplying all kinds of stones including Opals, Tourmaline, Emerald, ruby, Sapphire and other Semi precious stones. JOLLY GEMS (H.K) is also a big producer of tourmaline & opal beads known all around for their vast variety.

We are known worldwide for excellent quality, service and trust. JOLLY GEMS (H.K) keeps huge stock of all stones for providing fast service to the customers. We keep all there stones graded. We have gemstone experts who always keep the stones graded according to color, quality and cut to assure that the customer gets exactly what he wants. JOLLY GEMS (H.K) also participates in all major exhibitions organized around the world.

Our aim is to provide our customers with quality gemstones with complete satisfaction